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2019-03-18 : WEEKLY LUCKY DRAW 11/03/2019-17/03/2019 Congratulations to the following Winners: 1st Prize - MOHANA1***, JIMMYAN***, SAFARI*** 2nd Prize - WAI9***, SELVE***, PITPOTE***, MICHAEL9***, XIAOWIN*** 3rd Prize - HONG***, SUPER99***, COT***, CS1***, JOEY1*** Special - BULLET***, AND***, MYX12345***, FAI***, ONGB***, NEOHBEEKH***, KALVI***, VV5***, SAIFU***, HAO9*** CONSOLATION - KETT***, KEWC***, SAM8***, UMAR***, GOH***, SHERL***, IMANG0***, JACKA***, JAZI***, JEFF7*** Kindly contact us thru LIVE CHAT as soon as possible before 24/03/2019 or your winning prize will being forfeited, thank you. | Our bank account will be changed from time to time. You can contact us at Live Chat any time to check our Latest Bank Account. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. | Dear All, if you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Wechat: csroll996 Whatsapp: 011-42085947, Thank you. | We would like to inform our members, if Roll996 website is not available. Please kindly use our secondary website: www.roll888.com | Good News! Members that deposit accumulated for specified amount during the Weekly Lucky Draw period will have the opportunity to win BIG PRIZES!


Roll996 was recently ranked by YesCasino, Malaysia’s largest online casino marketplace, to have an overall score of 7.2.

According to YesCasino, Roll996 Online Casino Malaysia scored 6.3 for design, 7.2 for support, 7.6 for fast withdrawal, 7.9 for variety of games, and 7.7 for attractive bonus.

However, users rated Roll996 higher. It scored 8.2 for design, 8.3 for support, 8.4 for fast withdrawal, 8.3 for variety of games and attractive bonus, giving it an overall score of 8.3.

The Malaysian online casino also offers many benefits which a land-based casino doesn’t.

  1. Convenience

    The number one reason that people start playing at Malaysian online casino, Roll996, in the first place, is convenience. All that’s needed is just the internet and a mobile device such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets and anyone can gamble from the comfort and privacy of their homes at any time of the day. They can play on their own or choose to gamble with multiple players online.

    Their mobile devices allow them to take all of their favourite casino games with them wherever they go.

  2. Online casino bonuses

    Unlike land-based casinos, Malaysia’s online Roll996 offers welcome bonus, deposit bonus, deposit match bonus and reload bonus. Roll996’s welcome bonus is worth up to 166%. Roll996 also offers other bonuses such daily bonus, daily rebate and birthday bonus. Those who recommend their friends to Roll996 get a referral fee,

  3. Easy deposit & withdrawal options

    Roll996 offers easy deposit and withdrawal options for Malaysians via ATM, internet transfer or local bank transfers which typically take 5 to 15 minutes for processing. Deposits and payments can be made via Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB or Hong Leong Bank. Live online customer service can assist with transactions via other banks.

  4. Wide variety of games – slot machines, sports betting to live betting

    Malaysian online casino Roll996 has a wider selection of games from slot games, sports betting to live betting, including those designed with the latest technology, to suit everyone’s preferences. We offer quality services, attractive promotions, quick and easy pay out of winnings for a variety of games:

    Sports Betting

    Live Casino

    Slot games / Slot Machine / Slot Casino


    Horse Racing

    Fishing World


    Our breadth of casino games includes online Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Slots, Progressives and Casino Jackpots.

    At Roll996, live casino games include Live Dealer Casino with Live Lobby view, beautiful Asian & Western dealers, Live Baccarat, Live Sic Bo, Live Dragon Tiger and Live Roulette and Online Casino Slots.

    Other live casino games include Playtech, AG, Maxbet, BBIN, Gameplay and IBC while sportsbook games include IBC and TBS.

    Roll996 also offers a variety of sports betting games in major sports such as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga 1, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Women Basketball, Tennis, Formula 1 and many more.

    Roll996 offers up to 4000 live betting soccer matches a month.

    For slot games, the Malaysian online casino offers Playtech, Maxbet, Gameplay, Rich 96, Joker123 and Spade gaming.

  5. Size of bets

    Via Roll996, players of varying budgets can place as small or as big a bet as they wished online in Malaysia, unlike land-based casinos.

  6. Comfort

    Players can play wherever they choose whether from their homes, in a vehicle or while travelling.

  7. Value for Money

    Gamers don’t need to travel anywhere to play. Roll996 online Malaysian casino can be accessed from anywhere and doesn’t require an entrance fee.

  8. Global Access

    Online casino gamers can play and compete with other players from around the world. So try a game or two today. Roll996 has 24/7 online assistance for those who require it.

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